*update*: This is quite out of date now I’ve been out programming and doing web development for some time now (NIACE). Sooner or later I’ll get arround to updating this blurb… (DanS, 08/01/2007)

How I got Into Systems Analysis & Software Design
We didn’t have any real computing lessons at school – only a couple of Acorns – so I had to wait until I went to college before I got any real programming experience. While at College I learnt procedural programming using Pascal, had a jab at prolog *shudder* and learnt the fundamentals of database design and systems analysis. I also started to experiment with Visual Basic. Since then I’ve become ever more proficent using VB and applied my pascal skills to learn the basics of C and procedural C++. Having recently complete my HND I now have experience programming advanced databases with MS Access and VBA, have a firm grasp on the principles of Object-Oriented Systems Analsys and Design (including a very good knowledge of UML and other form s of taxanomic system representation), a good experience of developing a wide range of web applications utilising plain HTML, CSS, ASP, XML and XSLT.

All of which brings me nicely onto xslBB. It started as my final HND project and now it’s here for your use – if you want it.


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